An Introduction to Pilates

If you’ve never been to a Pilates class before – or perhaps it’s been a long time – this 4 week course is a great way to get started. You will learn some of the fundamental principles of Pilates to prepare you for joining a class, but perhaps more importantly, you’ll learn about your own body and how to bring Pilates into your life.

Here’s what you should expect:

  • A slower pace than our ordinary Pilates classes, allowing time for personalised attention and advice, and plenty of time to ask questions.
  • Your teacher will talk about some of the key principles of Pilates, such as posture, breathing and co-ordination, to lay the foundations for your Pilates practice.
  • You will gain a greater understanding of your own body, allowing you to take Pilates principles into your day-to-day life
  • You will be introduced to some of the exercises that you will commonly find in a beginner’s Pilates class, so that you feel confident in starting a regular class if you choose to do so.

And here’s what you’ll cover each week:

Week 1 – Posture and pelvic position

Learn why Pilates is so renowned for helping people with back pain. Your teacher will show you how to position your pelvis and spine in ways that help your body to function optimally in a variety of positions.

Week 2 – Breathing

Ever felt confused about when to breathe in and when to breathe out in an exercise class? You’re not alone! That’s why we’ve dedicated week 2 to learning when to breathe and why it’s important. Though the most important thing is that you just breathe!

Week 3 – Balance, stability and co-ordination

Pilates can help you to feel more in control of your body, both on and off the mat. In week 3 you’ll start to put some of the principles of Pilates into action by trying some small challenges that build on your learning from weeks 1 & 2.

Week 4 – A basic beginner’s Pilates class

By week 4, you’ll be ready to try out a beginner’s Pilates class. This will include the exercises that we teach most often, so that if you decide to come to class regularly, you have a flavour of what to expect.


Tuesdays 6th-27th September, 7:15pm – book now

Fridays 9th-30th September, 10:30am – book now


Do I have to attend the “Introduction to Pilates” course before joining YPP?

No. The Intro to Pilates course is aimed at those who have never done Pilates before, or those who want to re-cap on the basic principles. If you’re already familiar with Pilates, you might wish to try one of our other classes instead.

I can’t attend these times/days – can I attend a different 4 classes?

Have a look at our memberships and class passes – our Studio Class Pass is £40 for any 4 classes – these won’t be part of the course, but your teacher will be very happy to answer your questions and guide you through the basics.

I can’t make it to one of the classes – can I swap it?

If you find yourself unable to attend one of the classes in your course, email to request a swap to one of the other classes on our timetable.

Can I join via Zoom?

No – in order to allow your teacher to give you her full attention, we’ve decided not to offer Zoom for the Intro to Pilates course.

More general FAQs about our classes are answered here

Any more questions?

If you have any questions at all about the course, or anything else Pilates-related, email