Our teachers

Imogen, Pilates and Barre teacher

I’m Imogen, a Pilates and Barre instructor with a background in dance and musical theatre. I began dancing at the age of 10 and have trained at the Northern Ballet and at London Studio Centre, where I completed 3 years of professional training and a degree in Theatre Dance. It was here where I was first introduced to Pilates and its many benefits. After graduating from dance college, I decided to pursue my interest in Pilates and become an instructor.  

I have a real passion for my job which comes from my love of movement and dance. I believe that Pilates is the key to a strong and balance body and wish for everyone to experience the benefits. 

After teaching in studios across the UK, I am so happy to be returning to my favourite city and really looking forward to being part of the team at York Pilates People.  

Liz Tiller, Pilates teacher 

I have practised Pilates myself for many years, having first started due to chronic back problems I  was experiencing. I had tried a number of different things which didn’t help before I ventured into a local Pilates class and haven’t looked back since.

I find the exercises we do in Pilates give me length, strength, mobility and confidence and I love the feeling of health and energy I get from doing a class.

In addition, I also find Pilates is excellent for my mental health as, for me, it’s one of the most effective form of mindfulness, keeping me fully ‘within the moment’ and focusing on what my body is doing throughout the different exercises, aligning both my mind and body together.

Karen Statner, Pilates & Somatic movement teacher

I’m Karen, I teach Somatic Movement and Pilates, and I’m a Clinical Somatic Educator (CSE). I run Somatic Habit in York and offer online weekly movement classes, one to one sessions, introductory courses and mini workshops.

Like many people, I came to Pilates and somatic movement looking for a way out of pain and limited movement after suffering a fractured back from a riding accident. My injury initially led me to learn and teach Pilates, through which I then found somatic movement.  I have personally experienced and witnessed my clients become empowered through practicing somatic movement, and this knowledge drives my passion for teaching. My understanding of how it helps you to connect with and understand your whole system, and how it enables you to make changes from the inside out means you can live and move with more freedom and fun. Through Somatic Movement, Pilates and CSE I am able to keep doing the things that I love and I am passionate about teaching others to do the same.

Karen also teaches independent Somatic Movement classes, find out more at www.somatichabit.co.uk

Louise Fellows, Pilates teacher & YPP Founder

I’m Lou, founder of York Pilates People.  I trained in Edinburgh and began teaching Pilates in 2016, but it was when I moved to York that I decided to take the plunge and open my own studio.  I just love having this space, with everything at my fingertips to create varied and challenging classes.

YPP has also been an amazing opportunity to build a community of people who have made movement part of their life –  I’m always learning from the huge variety of different bodies at the studio.  At the core of my teaching is the idea that more movement (and better movement!) should be integrated into our daily lives, so I try to pass on as much information as possible that you can apply outside of the studio.