Our teachers


Louise Fellows, Pilates teacher

I’m Lou, founder of York Pilates People.  I trained in Edinburgh and began teaching Pilates in 2016, but it was when I moved to York that I decided to take the plunge and open my own studio.  I just love having this space, with everything at my fingertips to create varied and challenging classes.

YPP has also been an amazing opportunity to build a community of people who have made movement part of their life –  I’m always learning from the huge variety of different bodies at the studio.  At the core of my teaching is the idea that more movement (and better movement!) should be integrated into our daily lives, so I try to pass on as much information as possible that you can apply outside of the studio.



Liz Tiller, Pilates teacher and Reflexologist

I have practised Pilates myself for many years, having first started due to chronic back problems I  was experiencing. I had tried a number of different things which didn’t help before I ventured into a local Pilates class and haven’t looked back since.

I find the exercises we do in Pilates give me length, strength, mobility and confidence and I love the feeling of health and energy I get from doing a class.

In addition, I also find Pilates is excellent for my mental health as, for me, it’s one of the most effective form of mindfulness, keeping me fully ‘within the moment’ and focusing on what my body is doing throughout the different exercises, aligning both my mind and body together.

Liz’s classes are on Thursdays 6pm (beginner’s) and 7pm (mixed)

Liz has reflexology appointments available at the studio on Thursday afternoons.  For more, email liz@naturalbalanceyork.com, or visit naturalbalanceyork.com.


Jess Stacey, Yoga teacher and Tuina massage therapist


I love many types of healing. Yoga, movement, Tuina massage, nature and music to name a few.

I love to share my practice and my knowledge but mostly I love to connect with people. To see the light in people’s eyes after a treatment or after a class and how they seem to hold themselves a little differently. I love it when I see someone feel the love in themselves that I work so hard to keep alive in myself everyday.

Jess teaches our ‘Reconnect’ class on Fridays at 10am.

Jess has massage appointments available at the studio on Fridays. For more, email jess.stacey1890@gmail.com, or find Jess on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jessfullbloom.tuina/