Pilates parents

Antenatal Pilates

Our antenatal Pilates class is coming to an end at the end of May, as our antenatal teacher Lou goes off on maternity leave. Classes are available to book individually until 25th May, at £9 each. Click here to book.

We hope to resume classes again in 2024

We aim to keep you moving during your pregnancy, with a full 55 minutes of adapted Pilates. You will:

– Learn to use your breathing to your advantage
– Learn to appreciate your own strength and resilience
– Strengthen your pelvic floor (without doing loads of boring kegels!)
–  Improve your posture and avoid back pain
– Ease some of the common discomforts of pregnancy (e.g. calf cramps, restless legs)
– Move your body in a safe and beneficial way

Who is it suitable for?

Usually in your first trimester, you’ll be able to safely take part in one of our beginner’s classes. Once you begin your second trimester, we advise that you join the antenatal course, and you can continue right up until your baby is born!

Baby friendly Pilatespre-mobile babies

We are not currently offering post-natal Pilates, as Lou is off on maternity leave. We hope to resume these classes in 2024.

Our post-natal Pilates class is “baby friendly” – this means that you can bring your baby along, but the focus of the class is you and your body. The exercises aren’t designed to entertain your baby, though babies love spending time on the floor with you and we have witnessed quite a few “first roll overs”! Feel free to stop at any time if your baby needs your attention, and join in again when you can.

Who is it suitable for?

We advise waiting at least six weeks after your baby is born before joining a Pilates class, but there is no rush! You are welcome to join this class right up until your baby starts crawling (then it becomes a bit more of a challenge!).