Here are some of our  lovely YPP members talking about their experiences at the studio.  You can read many more 5 star reviews on our Google and on Facebook pages.

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The testimonials below are from the clients of Louise’s previous classes in various venues:


It’s lovely to take time out of my busy day to focus on my own health and wellbeing, a bit of indulgent ‘me time’. I like knowing that I’m taking time to invest in my future health and because the classes are so varied I never get bored. The classes also really help to counteract the negative effects of sitting at a desk all week.

– Liz

I started joining Louise’s classes to improve my back and posture, and I noticed the benefit within a month – not just in my back but all over. Louise’s teaching is friendly and inclusive, the exercises are accessible but challenging, and I always come out feeling relaxed and centred. It’s become an essential part of my week.

– Matt

I have now attended about 6 classes with Louise and really like the way she works with the class. I feel she really tries to tailor the class making great suggestions to meet individual needs taking into account any issues you might have. Always a lovely smile and encouraging. Can’t believe how fast the classes seem to go!”

– Deborah

“I have been to several months of classes with Louise – excellent in every way. She plans them so well, is so helpful with any problems you have and is obviously highly skilled herself.”

– Carole

“Louise is a great teacher! It’s my first time doing Pilates and after a few months of classes I’m definitely noticing the difference. All the classes are well planned and Louise is an attentive and considerate teacher. Her classes are fun and engaging – and about so much more than just exercise or alignment, it’s a whole new way of looking at your body and the way you use it.”

– Holly

“Have just completed my first set of classes with Lou. She really takes time to get to know everyone in the class and tailor sessions to meet their needs. Lou is obviously really knowledgeable and I have learned a lot about my bad habits! I look forward to class and often wake up sore the next day. Exactly what I was hoping for!”

– Marianna

“I’m a complete beginner and Louise is great at explaining and demonstrating the movements so that I understand how they should feel. I began to feel the benefits straight away: more awareness of posture, muscles working that I’d forgotten about and pleasure at taking time for exercise.”

– Kate


“Louise is a fantastic pilates teacher! She explains all the moves so clearly and I always feel so much better after her classes. Since doing pilates I have less knee pain and my posture has improved! Thanks Louise!”

– Helen

“I am completely new to Pilates, it is something that I had thought about trying for years, but never made the effort to give it ago….life is always too busy with children and we often put our needs as a mother to the bottom of the list! Then my friends mentioned your class, and here I am!

What I enjoy most about how you teach is the way you break each exercise down into steps that I can follow. You have a very sound knowledge of each exercise, which muscles we should be using, and what muscles we shouldn’t be using if we are doing the exercise incorrectly, which could cause an injury, which is very important to know.

It is your knowledge, understanding and expertise in ‘Pilates’ which comes across in every class and makes me feel confident in what you are teaching, and I guess that is what keeps me coming. We all want to look after our bodies….especially as we get older, and i can see how through neglect, many of my muscles have been unused, or not kept strong. So here’s to a new beginning in looking after our bodies, and thanks to you for giving us such a great start to Pilates.”

– Barbara

“When I joined a year or so ago, I was basically a bit of a wreck. Louise has been amazing in putting me back together. The class I have with her is one of the most important sport things I do each week. Her patience with me and gentle manner has been just what I needed.”

– Oliver

“Louise’s Pilates class makes Thursday my favourite day of the week! It’s such a mindful and energising way to start the day. The classes are varied and interesting and in just a few weeks it’s made us all so much stronger. I sometimes find exercise classes a bit cringey but Louise has such a warm and easy going approach that I never feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Just excited for the ab work!”

– Afsi

“I started coming to these classes this year having never done Pilates before. Louise is a wonderful teacher – not only is she very perceptive and encouraging, the language she uses to describe movements is imaginative and clear, which makes the whole experience more rewarding. Every class is really varied so I never get bored, and always leave feeling really strong. Very highly recommended!”

– Amy

“I’ve really enjoyed the classes and definitely feel better for doing them. It’s good getting such a variety of exercises and I always feel that I’ve worked hard after your classes.”


“Your classes were my first experience of Pilates. I started coming along to try to strengthen my back. I found it ‘interesting’ trying to do some of the exercises and you were very patient with our attempts. The atmosphere you generated in the class I felt was just right and found it relaxed. I must admit I have not been very good at doing my homework!”

– Ian

“I’m loving the class, and how I feel since I’ve started. It’s amazing how out of shape I am, and how amazing a great stretch feels!”

 – Sarah