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Pilates in the Park (1)

York Pilates People & Bloom! present:
Pilates in the Park

Pilates provides the perfect balance of stretching and strengthening to undo our artificial lifestyles and get our bodies moving in a natural way. What better place to do that than in the great outdoors?

Lou of York Pilates People will be breaking out of the studio to provide a one-off class in Dean’s Park. Focus on your body, feel the elements, and forget about the inside world – just for an hour.

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Find your feet

Take care of your feet, and the rest will follow!

Your feet are your foundation, and the way that you move them (or don’t move them!) has a profound affect your movement and posture.   Join Jess Stacey to learn more about your feet and how to use them to their full potential.

After the workshop, we’ll take a barefoot walk along the river – join us to experience the world through your feet and learn just how your foot functions in the wild.

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Posture reset (1)

Does your work week leave your body feeling weary?

Aching shoulders, a stiff neck, headaches and back pain can all result from the way you sit and stand.  Jess will lead you through a series of restorative movements to help you to reset your posture and spring into your weekend.

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strong & stable shoulders.

Are your shoulders ‘tight’?  What does that really mean?

Often, through lack of movement, our shoulders become stiff but also weakened, causing pain and forcing other parts of your body (such as your back) to compensate.  In this workshop, learn how to strengthen and stabilise your shoulders so that next time you need them, they’re ready!

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