Pilates classes

We offer a variety of classes to suit different levels – use the guide below to help you decide which is the one for you.

Rise & shine (mixed abilities)

If you’re willing to get to the studio by 7:30am, you’re already part of an elite group!  This class will start slowly, and focus on rejuvenating and energising movements to set you up for the day.  Challenges will be tailored to those in the room on the day.

Beginners / back-care

This class is a great option if you’re new to Pilates and need to build your strength or familiarise yourself with the exercises. It’s designed to only include movements that you can do with confidence, taking into account any health conditions or injuries, particularly those affecting your spine and lower back.   Challenges are included, but within a range that keeps you safe and supported.


If you’ve done Pilates before, you’re familiar with the fundamentals, and you don’t have any back problems, then come along to the intermediate class.  We’ll tackle a wide variety of exercises to challenge your strength and flexibility, including some of Joseph Pilates’ original repertoire.

Mixed abilities

In our Mixed Abilities classes, the challenges will be tailored to people attending.  If you fancy a bit of an extra challenge, but you’re not quite ready for an intermediate class, Mixed Abilities is a great option.  Our teachers can always offer you modified versions of exercises to suit your level and ability.

Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates is a fantastic way to support your body through pregnancy.  The care and attention paid to posture in Pilates is even more important as your body changes to accommodate your baby. Our pregnancy classes mean that every exercise is safe and suitable for pregnancy, plus you’ll be in the company of other mums-to-be.

In your first trimester, you are welcome to use your membership flexibly and attend the beginner’s classes, but if you are in your second or third trimester, we ask that you attend the pregnancy-friendly classes only.

Our next Pregnancy Pilates course begins with a taster class on Wednesday 17th February, 7pm.  Join our facebook group or email hello@yorkpilatespeople.com to book a place.

Post-natal Pilates


Time/day:  Starting Friday 5th March, 11:45am for 8 weeks (break on 9th April)
Cost: £40 for the entire course (via Zoom)
How to book: Click here to purchase the class pass; you will then be able to book your classes to receive the Zoom links
The idea of this course is to provide an introduction, or re-introduction to Pilates after giving birth.  It’s suitable for anyone after your 6 week check-up, providing you haven’t been advised otherwise by your doctor.  The aim of the course is to gradually build to a level that would enable ‘graduates’ to join a beginner’s/mixed Pilates class if they wish to; it will include breathing, stretching and strengthening, with some focus on the core and pelvic floor.

Ready to book? Click here to find out more about our membership options.

If you’re still not sure which class type will suit you, feel free to get in touch – you may wish to book a 1:1 to help you to determine which level you should start at.